THOSE WHO HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART my sisters my mummy kak wa he who still have a special place in my heart best friend kak wani

Saturday, November 6, 2010

i missed them :'(

mummy fiera,dodo shahmi
Party at Ria's house

why brought us together if we were gonna be separated?(fiera)

dear..i missed u..i always do..the memories shall lie between us n i will always cherish them


someone told me that u guys missed me a lot..hehe..its okay dont be shy..i feel honoured knowing that.kekekekeke...kidding..miss u guys even more...SUMPAH,tak prcaya tanya aie ;)


stop asking me bout my r u doing n stuffs..WHY DO U CARE??haaa??U DONT CARE!DO U?

my my my

a bride to be who is being jilted at the very last sad.. wasnt me was someone else