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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


i washed my blankets,bed sheets and pillow cases on sunday night..i also sent out my pillow under the sun to kill off the bacterias and to make it smell amazing.. (^_^)
my 'young housewife' mood was really at a peak...
but later on,..
sedih malam2 xda bed sheet and i cant use my pillow and blanket as well..Its warm during the day time but is not hot enough to completely dry i slept on the floor and having backache next morning which is monday T_T
is there anybody else who cannot survive without her favourite pillow and blanket other than me?
hehe..actually i dont know since when i adopted this behaviour but since i was still a kid,i used to have my own blanket and pillow which my other siblings cant use it since it is mine..hihi
I love hugging my,actually i love to hug something while im sleeping =_=' anywhere i go i will make sure i have atleast two pillows with me so that i can sleep on it and hug another one..but now i have six pillows in my bedroom..because i love pillows so much..hehe..tapi waktu pergi camping,since i cant bring along my pillow,so i will not sleep on my bag like others did but i'l rather hug the bag and lay down without anything to replace my pillow..i'l do the same when i only have one pillow with me..i will rather hug my pillow than sleeping on it..
I love blankets and i passionately in love with comforter..I think life will be great with awesome blankets and pillows...They are always there during moody days..i'l hug my pillow and inside the blanket and cry...sobs sobs sobs..
Other than pushing and kicking people while im sleeping i also have another bad sleeping attitude that only my relatives,siblings,roomates and friends knw ..haha.tidur xdiam tu dulu.tapi dah besar dah x tidur mcmtu dah =_=' kecik2 dulu je...sekarang dah kurang...but another attitude sampai skrg tak kurang is the attitude of hugging people who sleep beside me.i never did that on purpose,xtahu pun.i knw it bcs they will tel me later in the morning that I have actually hugged them .hahaha..because of ths one attitude my sister will put a barrier (one pillow) between us two while we were sleeping on the same cousin will do the same but only kak wani allows me to accidentally hug her when im sleeping..hehe..kak wani loves me.. :') selalu teman tidur..waktu zaman belajar time cuti sem kak wani selalu dtg rumah..she slept in my room.tiap2 malam berborak sebelum tidur and kebiasaannya kite akn bgun lambat nk pergi sekolah  the next day..grrr...memories :')
Last semester i have one good junior whose room is infront of mine..Izzah suka lepak and tidur bilik kak aie sbb my roomate like to stay up every night.they both will teman each other.kadang2 x sedar pun tiba2 izzah ada dekat sebelah..Bukti Kurus..kikiki eventhough our bed is not that big but two people can still sleep on the same small bed..hehe..since the first day she slept on my bed i always save a space for her every night..tapi since that day roomate suka tangkap gmbr curi2..and panggil kami lesbian..because i will always bagun tidur and sedar yg i hugged her the whole night..lawak gila..hehe..and pillow entah kemana..maybe memang dah naturally suka tidur hugging things dari kecik that attitude stays with me until now..I think, i feel safe when someone is around..and when i miss someone i'l also hug my pillow..when im sad i will always want my best people to hug me so that i feel warm and calm...shima always did that to me..she is a real friend when chubby or kak wani are not around...and shima wouldnt mind if i sleep and hug her .. haha..i hope my future husband wouldnt mind this as well..i wanna sleep in his arms every night,lay my head on his chest deeply breathing in the scent of him..yeayyy..okay nak selit jugak tu..hihi...okay bye... another stupid sleeping atitude is ,kalau time stress i wil always mengingau..haha..ckp merepek2 n scared everyone around..paling teruk i wil wake up,talk to them n continue to sleep back..haha..