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Thursday, October 7, 2010


i wonder what should i write for my first post =_=' usual im way behind on blog post..
yayy,not to mention to ya ppl,im now on holidays...heh and this usually how i spent my holidays...facebooking ,eating and lots of sleeping :D ..and im so happy tat im gaining weight :DD butttttt why in d world shud there b a person saying tat he cant anymore recognize me as i look  bigger than before.!erkk.... shitto,r u tat jobless?..stop judging my size lol! 

one of the coolest thing i've done throughout these past few days is taking care of my  kittens..wuwuwww..they r too cute for me to resist from not to see them every minutes..heh!trust me im one of  d cat hater....but what had happened now?? =_=' i shall be uploading their photos soon....wait ya :DD cheers <3

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