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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy new year everyone :)

okay,i dont have much thing to talk just gonna wish everyone and myself a happy new year ..2012 has been so great walaupun ada kisah2 sedih along the year..but its okay,im grateful enough as im still alive and keep progressing..Alhamdullilah.Thank you Allah for everything u have given to me.i love u so much Ya Allah.. i havent had the chance to wish everyone a happy new year on facebook and twitter because im still sad with what had happened to me during the late months of 2012.its really sad to open my twitter and and facebook again.i find it very hard to go through my grieving phase,so what im trying to do now is,to lower my gaze and avoid talking unnecesarilly...but its gonna be temporary i guess. its true,i still miss him,but its okay..we all know its really hard to just simply forget someone who is so dear to our im not trying at just keep progressing with all that i have and leave everything to Allah..Everytime i feel weakened i will just remind myself of Allah's patience because i know Allah has decided for me the best and i'll pray harder for peace in my heart..InsyAllah..if Hassanei is better off without me,then he shall be okay..i really love this person,so i just want the best for him,just wanna let him go and be happy,even it is not with me.i cant never stop loving him so i can just place that love in stored away place in my heart,where i dont allow it to control me anymore.then i'l find peace in this way..i hope Allah grant me strength to do this..He is the only one that can give me the courage.. Im also very thankful to Allah for his blessing..Allah sent me amazing people when im going trough hard times.One of the beautiful things in life is having a great friends..Izyan and chubby they have been so good to me and im really touched.i dont know how to tell my feeling,but Im really thankful to have a constant support from them.we have gotten closer each day..thank you very much for always being here with me.2012 has been a very challenging year,but Alhamdullilah i passed it and currently moving to this brand new year 2013..i would like to thank hassanei too,because in 2012 and few years back he had also been a very good companian for me..Although we cant be together again,im still grateful for the great times we've shared together.Though i lost some people along the way,im still grateful to have a people that stepped in and out of my life,they made my life so complete and i gain so much experiences from them..Thank you Allah,thank you for everything.. lastly i would to tell this to my friends, if u have found the perfect and wonderful guy in your life,All i would wish is u can make it a real amazing one..take care of your relationship,be good to each other,be faithful and tolerate with each other and follow the islamic way.InsyAllah when u do everything in Islamic way everything will be fine..we may forget sometimes,but always remind each other about it..InsyAllah,u have been together,do not break the relationship and pray that it will be till marriage life..keep it halal.Allah will bless u with the happiest relationship :) long way to go...but remmember,if that person motivated u towards being a good muslim,then InsyAllah that person is your spouse and is the best for you..we made mistakes,big or small,Allah will alwys forgive us.He is merciful. for my friends with broken heart,dont worry,if u are fated to be with him,one day he will be yours.and when u have them bck,then take care of your relationship well.Allah wont make it easy for you,you will be tested untill u love him above all others..or maybe he has better planned for u..its easy said than done right?i know its hard but keep convincing yourself,many people is in the same boat as yours but they keep progressing and rising..InsyAllah..look back in the mirror and remind yourself of the awesome woman,full of love.....appreciate yourself and pray harder... 2012 images :)

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