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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

its weird to think back wht happened in the past..i mean how easily i fall for people,or to be exact fall for him..i mean HIM..

personally,im not the type who will easily getting herself involve into stranger's life..either being stranger's friend or being his lover, i wont be making friendship with a guy so simply without intimately knowing them,yah! maybe knowing them from a friend as hes maybe a friend of my friend,or perhaps my schools' friends,my classmates,and  my coussy's n family's friends..

but u?u happened to be there,smiling,giving me the cute face with that so shining eyes, n went away....which is miles away..tett...


we met again on websites....

i wanted to be ur friend in the first place,but then we acted differently I mean U acted differently..(u might say u didnt,but yes u did)
~u sweet-talked me,confessed me bout ur strange feeling,treated me nicely,talk to my bestfriend n asked her random questions about me!n many many more

  and hell yah....ofcourse my bestfriend  told me right after that...n for a girl who her deep inside is just a well of tenderness...i do fall for u..i do feel touched when knowing that,theres a boy who is so keen in getting to knw me..
being convinced by ur bestfriend about ur feeling towrds me i then started liking u .
herm..n i uninttentionaly broke many hearts too ..but that seems alright to me as i havent promise them anything..

being proposed was the best thing ever happened in my life or i should say girls life!yah,in my life,men come n go(even untill now)..and.i also stucked with few of  them a while,but as we all know at this early age of mine we tend to be having that so called puppy love!  :P so i didnt make any serious relationship before .i want to be loved sincerely n i want a comitment..i told myself to fall in love with someone who approach me using appropriate ways,n propose me to be their girl or their special one!..and those guys never did n that has made me felt insecure..but u! :') u did proposed me ,right after getting the hint frm my bestfriend.... :')  thanx you

time passes us by

u love me i love u..u missed me i missed u.. :')
 i tried my best to learn to love u..seriously..

but ppl r made of of imperfections! i have my own imprfctions n u do hav it too..
i was sometimes hurt by ur harsh jokes..but that didnt mind me so much,as i knw that it cud be one of ur imperfections ..i learn to accept them so that when it comes to mine,u'l be doing the same thing... :')

i loved  the moments when the music was on n we sang along..:')

we shared everythings..our preferances,our 'likes',our sorrows and our stories..i didnt mind listen to u n ur craps,i just want u to be happy n i want u to knw that u r being loved by someone..i love sending u love n spiritual quotes.i want u to be always good n spriritful.... :')
 u take the very best of me..
 i never told anyone about myself that much except for u n my bestfriend .
.i try to  be myself when i was with u n i felt comfort as i can do so n i want u to act the same way too..but i never had the chance to know ur real-self....

i admit that i hav one bad habit....which is (i love making face while taking photo n thats my typical me!)anyway my friends didnt have problem with it so far..and why shud they be?right?

but u? :')

i thot i hav told u bout those imperfections thingy! :')

oh~kay ppl...if u want someone to be like what u wanted them to be that means u like the reflection of yourself within them..u do not like the prson self..but u r only liking ur own self...(peoples r different)

pls accept ur partner for who they are :)

sepatutnya kita give and take :') tett
 (i love crying i love oldies n i weird i knw ;') sorry ppl i cant be perfect  )

i would never forget the day u swore that u'd never leave...

u said u want to hav a long relationship with me.. :')

:') im  a normal human,im a girl n i hav heart..pls note..

u blocked me on facebook..thanx you :')
( father taught me to be good to others..he taught me manners..i wont be shouting at ppl easily even if they hav hurt me so much..seriously i wont.and.i do respect ppl decision..)

smpi hati block kan :') i was being nice to u all this while..

after disappearing for few days u came back n made ur claimations..
'dah lama kita tak chat kan?'

:'( (how the hell cud i chat with ya if u hav blocked me kan)

i hate april...
'ok let me be honest then'
me: okay
'i think it was a mistake'
me:what was a mistake?
'our relationship'
tet tet tet...
'please undrstnd me?'
(yes i do undrstnd u...i always did..dri u ckp konon2 nk brpisah smntara wktu lagi..i agreed..tak kisah sikit pon because i just want u to be happy always..but u?hav u ever undrstnd me?hav u ever understnd that i cant lose u :').but im a girl,i do hav pride so if ppl didnt want me, why should i beg for them  :') but im sad n im hurt even untill now,u hav made me fall in love with u n then u walked away frm my life....)
me;okay as u wish... and we ended up with a separation :'(

u added my  fb back,n sent me personal msg  saying ur sorry n  asked me to approve ur friend request...EASY kan..i hav told father taught me to be good to i did approve u..

then u came again ,n acted like there was nothing ever happened before...n paling sedih..when u invited me to join a conference btween u n ur other former friends..again u hav hurt me by saying..wehh aiesya hakim suka u.i dont know whether u were joking or else but. :'( seriously would u mind to atleast concern about my feeling?we just broke up few days before n how could u said such thing to me..:'( even untill now if i ever being closed with one of ur friend,u will say this 'ouh dia tu handsome,pergi la jumpa dia' it seemed like u tried hard to match me with other is like im deseperately wanting u back n u hav to piss me off quickly by searching me a new guy which for u could replace ur place..:'( heyy,im friendly..seriously i hav lots of friend including those male friends who tried hard approaching me!if im needing a boy,i would just hav to  choose any of them..tak payah susah2 nk kenen kan :'( how could u...u treated me like im a piece of u know that?its okay..u hav onced make me i'l try to forget everything..n u r nice actually..IMPERFECTIONS..biase lah :')

but theres one thing i want u to knw.....telling a girl to be friends with their old lover is like asking them to keep their dead dog forever  :')....thanx you.. :')
..............................................................................................................................tettt............the end
     *when a guy said that hes not readly to be in relationship,they r lying,it just that he is not ready to be in relationship with that particular girl :'( *
 untill now,my  tears r still dropping when thinking about this....n i dont know when is it going to stop.. its about time for me to forget someone whom i onced love so a sincere lover..if i loved ppl i loved them sincerely so it takes time for me to forget them.......and im not mad at him..its my fate...i hope that he will learn his mistakes n i will learn mine too.Ya Allah if he wasn't made for me,please help me to easily forget him.n please bless him ya Allah as he has made me happy before....amin   :')

p/s:cerita di ats tiada kene mngena dgn yg hdup atau yg tlh meninggal dunia.hanyalah rekaan semata2 :)  n im sorry if my grammars are still learning to improve :)

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